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Makeup or No Makeup for your photo shoot?

It appears to me that many women are fearful when it comes to having makeup done on them.
It is your choice whether to be photographed with or without makeup.

If I were to give you a tip from my experience, I strongly suggest to have makeup done by a professional makeup artist for your photoshoot.

First of all, many of us do not have very good skin complexion. If you are photographed without makeup, all your blemishes and uneven skin tones will be amplified even more when studio lights are hot on you. This is something that you want to avoid at all costs. After all, I believe you want to be the best version of you for your customers in your photographs.

A professional makeup artist who works closely with a photographer will understand the type of makeup that complements you when photographed with studio lights.

Let me say that your Hair and Makeup will make or break your entire overall look in your image.

Another observation that I have is that many women love to look as "natural" in their photographs. If you do not have a deep understanding of makeup, you will probably think that having more makeup will make you look unnatural.

For your information, you can still look natural in your photographs with the right makeup. 

When you ae photographed in a studio with studio lights, more makeup is necessary to enhance your look and still in keeping your natural feel if that is what you go for.

Don't be afraid to use makeup. Have fun and enjoy the process.

My name is Herman Chow. I am a Portrait and Personal Branding Photographer in Almere, The Netherlands.


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