"YOU" are the reason why your customers buy from you.

Portrait and Personal Branding Photography for men and women.

Virtual Photoshoot for Overseas Clients
Professional photos for your personal or business portfolio from the comfort of your home.

About me
My name is Herman Chow. I am a self employed individual based in Almere, The Netherlands, specialising in Portrait and Personal Branding Photography.

When it comes to photographing a human being, especially women, I have heard of every excuse you can imagine - I look too old, I have too many wrinkles, I am not photogenic, I need to lose 20kg before I can be photographed. The list goes on and on and on.

Your customers do not care how many wrinkles you have. They don't even care how much you weigh. All they want is to get to know you a little more on a personal level before they decide to work with you.

Everyone is beautiful in his/her own skin. It's up to you to believe how much worth you see in yourself in order for your customers to see your worth too.

If I could give you a gift right now, I would give you the opportunity to see how unique and beautiful you are through my lens.

Portrait and Personal Branding Photographer @ Herman Chow PORTRAITS

Gallery (Business Portraits and Branding)
Gallery (Contemporary Portraits)

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Client's Challenges

Many entrepreneurs do not value themselves enough to be photographed.
If customers are important in your business, it's time to step up your game
 and show them the professional individual behind your business
whom they must work with.

I rank Gratitude as one of my highest core values in life.
When you are grateful, you look beautiful both from the inside and the outside.
Not knowing how to inject personality in your photographs?
I've got you covered.
Past photographs look mediocre and do not stand out from the competition?
I've got you covered. 
Hair/makeup and wardrobe have not been flattering in your past experiences?
I've got you covered.
Not knowing how to exude professionalism and confidence in your photographs?
I've got you covered.
Client experience: Photo shoot session
Client's Testimonials
What you can expect
Complimentary Online Chat
A chat will help me to understand what you are looking for in your photoshoot.

It allows us to get to know one another better and see if we are a good fit for one another.

Photo Shoot Session
This is your "me" time.

Depending on the collection you go with,
you will be pampered by my makeup artist
for your makeover.

You and I will go through your clothing and pick the right match for the photo shoot.

You will then be guided how to pose and connect with the camera.

More importantly, I want you to sit back,
enjoy the experience and have fun.

Final Delivery of Images
About 3 working days after your photoshoot,
I will send the pre-selected images
to you for review and selection.

After receiving your selections,
the turnaround time is about 10 to 14
working days before you receive
the final edited images.

Michelle Olufeso's Testimonial
Greg Granier's testimonial

The "Business and Personal Branding" studio photo shoot
starts from €250.00 excluding 21% VAT.

** For the "Virtual or Contemporary Portrait" photo shoot,
please contact me for more information.
People buy from people they like and trust
Leaving a strong, consistent and professional visual identity is key in your business.

If your end customers are human beings, there must be human interactions with your Personal Brand.

Your customers want to see and to get to know who the person is behind the business before they decide to work with you.

Your customers do not buy your products or services. The reason they buy from you is because of "YOU".........in other words, THEY BUY YOU FIRST.

Let me help you to bring your portraits to the next level so that your customers will be attracted to your storefront.

Your photographs are part of your business and your personal brand.

Get in touch with me by clicking the button below to enquire about your next photo shoot.
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Contact me:
Bolderweg 2 (Mac3park/ Creative Campus)
1332AT Almere
The Netherlands

KVK: 63660482
VAT: NL002419965B89
BANK: NL43 KNAB 0256 419892
Portrait and Personal Branding Photography For Men And Women

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