In Authority Branding, Your Personality Shapes Your Style, While Your Portraiture Identity Captures Your Soul.


With True Elegance,
Herman Chow, Your Introvert Fairy Godmother


"Female Coach, Why Should You Care About Your Personality And Why Does It Matter?"

Now, let's shift the focus to you and explore the significance of your personality, the one that aligns with your core essence.

If you've continued reading up to this point, it's because you recognise the importance of this discussion."

Here are the reasons why they matter to you.

⏩ It Elevates Your Confidence:
Discover your TRUE Personality to feel more assured and confident in your visual brand. Say goodbye to self-doubt.

⏩ It Helps You To Break Free from Society's Expectations:
Escape the constraints of societal norms and create a brand that genuinely represents YOUR unique identity.

⏩ It Reveals Your Inner Brilliance:
Don't hold back any longer – use your TRUE Personality to shine as the remarkable individual you are in your Visual Brand, without hesitation.

⏩ It Helps To Craft Your Unique Narrative:
With your newfound confidence, you can express your story visually in a way that feels truly your own.

Wanna know more about the 10 Feminine Personalities?

Download my free e-book to explore the "10 Feminine Personalities", each with its distinct traits, strengths, and colours. Link: ebook

This insightful resource is designed to introduce you to these Personalities, providing a valuable starting point for self-discovery and offering insights into your personal identity.

Visual Makeover
In Authority Branding, your personality shapes your style, while your portraiture identity captures your soul.
In this Visual Makeover, join my clients on their journey of reinvention. No need for lengthy explanations, just experience the electrifying transformation as I decode personalities, infusing vitality into their brand. This journey is their path to embodying sheer authority within their brand narrative.
Inge's Visual Makeover
Life had been tough after the loss of her father, leaving her heartbroken. On top of that, she dedicated herself entirely to caring for her husband and son, forgetting about her own hopes and dreams. Her world revolved solely around her family.
Vivien's Visual Makeover
After moving away from her corporate job, she realised the magic of keeping her own style alive while managing family life. She hired me to create her Portraiture Identity in her Personal Brand because she wanted to inspire other mothers that motherhood doesn't mean you can't look stunning.

Portraiture Identity

Client's "Portraiture Identity" -
Many of my clients love to watch what's going on behind the scene of a photo session. Let me take you backstage for a quick glimpse.
Natalie Taylor's photo experience 
Sophie Poldermans' photo experience
Photo Session "Behind-The-Scene" Compilations
Magdaleine Margaritis'  Photo experience

Client's Virtual Experience -

Prasantha: "I love the fact that he's so straight forward. He speaks from his heart and he is so observant. It takes very little for him to notice all the nuances of a person"
Blanca: "What the heck I'm gonna find what, that I don't know already. I was surprised because the discovery call was actually very insightful. The most insightful piece of the whole process"
Michelle Olufeso's Portraiture Identity Testimonial
Michelle: "My whole experience with Herman has been absolutely phenomenal. I came here with a fear of the camera. Having to work with Herman and Haroz (makeup artist) for the day, I got very comfortable with the camera..."
Edwina Delamore's Portraiture Identity Testimonial
Edwina: "With Herman, he doesn't just come and take a photo shoot. He assembles a power team. They made it possible on a summer day to make me into a Glamour Queen..."

Your Investment
People buy from people they like and trust.

Are you the woman that your clients trust and the confident professional
they can't wait to work with?
Are you ready to shine as the trusted Authority in your Brand? Welcome to a transformative journey tailored around my powerful I.C.O.N.I.C Framework comprised of three key pillars:

1) Thought Leadership:
  • Communication & Confidence: Master impactful communication while boosting self-assurance.
  • Testimonials: Craft compelling narratives showcasing your expertise and building trust.
  • Expertise & Experience: Showcase your skills, establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

2) Visibility:
  • Social Media Platform: Enhance your online presence across social media platforms.
  • Content Creation: Create consistent, engaging content reflecting your brand identity.
  • Stage Presence: Develop a captivating presence for public speaking engagements.

3) Identity:
  • Archetype Discovery: Discover your unique personality archetype and align it with your brand.
  • Visual Makeover: Express your true personality through your wardrobe.
  • Identity Portraiture: Capture your soul through professional portraiture.
Are you ready to elevate your brand's identity and become an authority? Connect with me to embark on this transformative journey.

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My journey might sound a lot like yours.

Once upon a time, I used to struggle with self-doubt and a serious lack of confidence. I'd worry about what others thought and constantly questioned if I was good enough. It was tough, and I know many women face these same feelings.

My journey began as a photographer, capturing the essence of incredible women. Behind the camera, I noticed something profound. These woman, too, battled self-doubt, especially when it came to their body image. They questioned their worthiness, just like I did.

And it didn't stop there. At networking events, I watched as these remarkable women hesitated in how they spoke and presented themselves. They had incredible talents and stories to share, but their confidence often held them back.

But here's the good news: I stumbled upon something magical called "archetypes." I am going to use "personalities" to simplify "archetypes."

It's a way of discovering your unique essence, just like I did with my 'Fairy Godmother' personality. I realised that being true to myself was the key to breaking free from the doubts that held me back. And I knew I could help others do the same.

Together, we will uncover your true personality, rewrite your story, boost your self-confidence and establish yourself as the Authority in your Brand.

Imagine a world where you welcome who you truly are, unapologetically. It's your time to become that confident, radiant woman and shine in your brand because YOUR FACE IS THE MARKETPLACE.

Your story matters, and it's time to make it the heart of your success. So, let's go on this transformative road trip together, shall we?

I live in The Netherlands.

With True Elegance,
Your Introvert Fairy Godmother, Herman Chow

Author of "Let's Get Naked" - Book Interview
My book "Let's Get Naked" is published and available on Amazon.

I wrote this book to help women change the conversation they have with themselves about their body image.

I have invited two readers to share their thoughts about this book.

They are Rekha Saleela Nair and Carolyne Opinde.

Rekha: "I'm making a distinction here between the soul and relevance in the real world. Very often, we separate spirituality and soul related realities away from our everyday life. We think we have to conform to the world, we think we have to live up to the identity that has been stamped onto us.........."
Carolyne: "However, sometimes your weaknesses can be your biggest things that position you for success because it allows you to bring others who have strength in the area of your weaknesses to actually complement the things you are doing....."​

Tedx Speaker
In 2020, I presented at TEDx Amstelveen in The Netherlands
where I spoke about "The Importance of Printed Photographs."

International Speaker

Over the last couple of years, I have been invited to Brussels, Antwerp, Paris, Singapore, to speak at network events to female entrepreneurs.

It was through all these travelling and my connections with these business owners that made me realise that every business woman loves to be the best version in her business portfolio.

However, not every business woman knows how to inject her personality and confidence in her photographs that position her as the expert in her industry.

This is where my Power team and I help you to create magic in your portfolio.

Fashion work published in VOGUE ITALY

I have worked with many fashion models around the world in the last decade.

My nature of work has taken me extensively around the world to Los Angeles, Singapore, Madrid, London, Brussels, Paris, to work with creative artists in the Fashion World.

I am so grateful that my fashion art pieces created in London and Singapore have been published in VOGUE, which is arguably one of the most famous fashion magazines in the world.

And I'm not just talking about any VOGUE, but VOGUE ITALY.

This is the link of my publication -


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