"I am a bit of a perfectionist and they strived to get me the results I wanted.
(Michelle Olufeso)

"I feel so relaxed. I feel empowered and I am ready to get out there all because of Herman.
(Selina Thompson)


Your Fairy Godmother

Gallery (Confident and Empowered Portraits For Business Women)

What you can expect
Personalised Consultation
A consultation will help me to understand what you are looking for in your photoshoot.

It allows us to get to know one another better and see if we are a good fit for one another.

Photo Shoot Session
This is your "me" time.

Depending on the collection you go with,
you will be pampered by my makeup artist
for your makeover.

You and I will go through your clothing and pick the right match for the photo shoot.

You will then be guided how to pose and connect with the camera.

More importantly, I want you to sit back,
enjoy the experience and have fun.

Final Delivery of Images
About 3 business working days
after your photoshoot,
you will receive the pre-selected images
for review and selection.

After receiving your selections,
the turnaround time for the
final edited images will be between
10 and 14 business working days.

Client's Challenges

Many business women do not value themselves enough to be photographed.
They do not see the importance of business photos in business.
If customers are important in your business, it's time to take your business portfolio to the next level that your ideal customers love to work with.

I rank Gratitude and HAPPINESS as my highest core values in life.
When you are grateful and happy, you look beautiful both from
the inside and the outside.
Not knowing how to inject personality in your photographs?
I've got you covered.
Past photographs look mediocre and do not stand out from the competition?
I've got you covered. 
Hair/makeup and wardrobe have not been flattering in your past experiences?
I've got you covered.
Not knowing how to exude professionalism and confidence in your photographs?
I've got you covered.

Client's Photo Studio Experience -
Many of my clients love to watch what's going on behind the scene of a photo session. Let me take you backstage for a quick glimpse.
Natalie Taylor's photo experience 
Sophie Poldermans' photo experience
Photo Session "Behind-The-Scene" Compilations
Magdaleine Margaritis'  Photo experience

Client's Virtual Experience -

Michelle: "I am a bit of a perfectionist and they really strived to get me
the results that I wanted"
Selina: "I feel so empowered. I feel ready to do business and I am ready to get out there because of Herman"

Your investment is customed to your needs. Please contact us for more information.
People buy from people they like and trust
Do your business photographs set you apart to offer clients an unforgettable experience of 'YOU'?

Or are you just another face in the crowd?


I am Herman Chow, Your Fairy Godmother.

I am here to help YOU translate your unique business promise and your extraordinary energies into powerful, authentic business photographs that will wow your clients.

The world is a crowded market place.

And the ordinary is often rendered invisible.

Every business woman has to go the extra mile to catch the eye and connect with hearts.

This is why I am here to help you.

To create distinctive business photographs so alive that it will compel the busiest of minds and fingers to pause mid scroll and take in the mood, experience & promise of your Personal Brand.

Sounds exciting and intriguing?

Let’s talk about your photoshoot then.

It will be a rare adventure, I promise.

Schedule a 15 min zoom call


My name is Herman Chow (aka Your Fairy Godmother). I help business women to transform their confidence through portrait photography and virtual portrait experience.

When it comes to photographing a human being, especially women, I have heard of every excuse you can imagine - I look too old, I have too many wrinkles, I am not photogenic, I need to lose 20kg before I can be photographed.
The list goes on and on and on.

Your customers do not care how many wrinkles you have. They don't even care how much you weigh. All they want is to get to know you a little more on a personal level before they decide to work with you.

Every woman is beautiful in her own skin. It's up to you to believe how much worth you see in yourself in order for your customers to see your worth too.

If you like my style of work and would love to work with me and my power team, get in touch with me today.

Currently based in The Netherlands.

Your Fairy Godmother

Author of "Let's Get Naked" - Book Interview
My book "Let's Get Naked" is published and available on Amazon.

I wrote this book to help women change the conversation they have with themselves about their body image.

I have invited two readers to share their thoughts about this book.

They are Rekha Saleela Nair and Carolyne Opinde.

Rekha: "I'm making a distinction here between the soul and relevance in the real world. Very often, we separate spirituality and soul related realities away from our everyday life. We think we have to conform to the world, we think we have to live up to the identity that has been stamped onto us.........."
Carolyne: "However, sometimes your weaknesses can be your biggest things that position you for success because it allows you to bring others who have strength in the area of your weaknesses to actually complement the things you are doing....."​

Tedx Speaker
In 2020, I presented at TEDx Amstelveen in The Netherlands
where I spoke about "The Importance of Printed Photographs."

International Speaker

Over the last couple of years, I have been invited to Brussels, Antwerp, Paris, Singapore, to speak at network events to female entrepreneurs.

It was through all these travelling and my connections with these business owners that made me realise that every business woman loves to be the best version in her business portfolio.

However, not every business woman knows how to inject her personality and confidence in her photographs that position her as the expert in her industry.

This is where my Power team and I help you to create magic in your portfolio.

Fashion work published in VOGUE ITALY

I have worked with many fashion models around the world in the last decade.

My nature of work has taken me extensively around the world to Los Angeles, Singapore, Madrid, London, Brussels, Paris, to work with creative artists in the Fashion World.

I am so grateful that my fashion art pieces created in London and Singapore have been published in VOGUE, which is arguably one of the most famous fashion magazines in the world.

And I'm not just talking about any VOGUE, but VOGUE ITALY.

This is the link of my publication - https://www.vogue.com/photovogue/photographers/56951


Contact me:
(Almere, The Netherlands)
KVK: 63660482
VAT: NL002419965B89
BANK: NL43 KNAB 0256 419892
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